Signposts of Refreshing

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Even with all of the advancements in human history many people still find themselves looking for something greater. God's pathway to being refreshed, renewed and fulfilled is often very different than we expect. Discover some mile markers along your journy that will direct you to finding lasting and joyful fulfillment.

A New Thing

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Have you ever noticed how we remember people by what they did great? We tend to 'hit our prime' or 'make it big' then fade away. God is not like us in this regard because God is always able to do a new and a fresh work in our lives. Discover how God will do a new thing in your life today as you respond to His Spirit!

Naming Rights (Father's Day)

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Every person has been entrusted with the gift of naming rights. Discover how this ability dates back to the moment of creation, throughout the Bible and for your life today. Don't miss out on this gift that God has given you that will be a blessing to all those you love!

Overcoming Confusion

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:We've all had seasons of life where we are not sure what the next steps should be. When we can't seem to find peace or purpose we can easily be overwhelmed. Take a look back over the disciple Peter's life after the resurrection of Christ and discover how you can rise from confusion to walk in God's plan!

Focused Faith

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:While you may describe yourself as a person of faith, how do you remain focused on God's truth in a world that is often in opposition? This message will give you the tools to rise up in faith regardless of what you may be facing. Find God's goodness, freedom, and power today!

Layers of Love: Trust, Faith, Vision

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Like a rose love unfolds over time and only becomes more beautiful as it blooms. Take time to discover the dynamic elements that build effective relationships at work, home, and throughout your life based upon trust in Christ.

The Power of HOPE

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:What is your level of hope for your greatest challenge? Riase your level of hope and you will change the outcome of your current circumstance. Discover how your potential is determined by the limitless power of God at work with-in you.

The Treasure of Time

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Holding on to life's most precious moments often feels like grasping sand that runs through our fingrers. As much as we would to freeze time, we know this is not possible. Discover how to make the most of every moment and express your thanks for those you love through the valuable resource of your time.

The Promise

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:After we have been let down by various people it can be difficult to believe all of God's promises. Learn how to position yourself to receive the blessing and promises of God.

Gifts (3 Minute Power Preview)

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:In this 3 minute message preview discover how knowing the gift that God has place within you directly impacts your motivation and effectiveness in all areas of living.

Gifts: Part 1 (Full Length Version)

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Do you know that there is a divine gift that has been planted within you? Discover how knowing the calling that God has place within you directly impacts your motivation and effectiveness in all areas of living.

The Keys

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:In the midst of a contentious and confused world God wants to unleash the power and the beauty of Heaven through you. Discover this God-given power that lies dormant within most believers, and learn how to unlock Heaven on earth!

A Life Of Grace

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Do ever feel like you can't live God's plan becuase you aren't good enough or you simply keep failing? You are invited to 'Enter In' to a life of grace that will set you free to live in God's purpose for this life and the life to come!

A Cutlure of Forgiveness

Rev. Mike Lindsay


Description:How was your last experience in a church? Did you feel the love, grace, and kindness of Christ? As guest speaker Mike Lindsay shares you will discover how a Culture of Forgiveness brings healing and restores each person to their righful destiny as children of God.

Peace at All Times

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:We will all go through challenging times, but it is how we go through these times that sets the course of our future. Discover that it is not as much about what happen around you, as it is about the work that is accomplished within you that truly matters.

In the Fire

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:We never want to go through a trial, yet God is able to teach us and shape exactly what we need through the difficult times. Discover how we gain freedom and grow stronger as we walk through the fires of life and step out in faith!

Hearing God's Voice (Partial Recording)

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Did you know that God is speaking to you about big decisions, and the troubles that keep you up at night? It can be difficult to hear God's voice above the chaos of everyday life, but God is speaking now. Discover how you can hear God, and how hearing God will make a great differnce.

New Life (Shake it Off)

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:What does Easter mean to you? We celebrate the risen Christ, and we celebrate your resurrection! Learn how this 'New Life' power enables you to shake off what was intended to harm, and use it to step up in God's greater blessing!

A New Heart

Rev. Mike Lindsay


Description:One of the greatest threats to our health is a heart condition. Spiritually speaking, a sick heart can hinder our ability to live the life God has intended for us. Get your spiritual EKG, or heart check up, as you listen to guest minister Mike Lindsay.

New Vision

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Have you ever considered how perspective changes your approach to life? God desires to give us new vision that will allow us to see through His eyes. Raise your level of expectation and excitement to obtain all that God destined you to achive.

What Love Can Do

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:He was respected and set for life. She was neglected, an outcast, and had lost all self respect. Listen to an inspiring true story on the power of love. Allow this story to reveal to you the amazing things that real love can do for you!

A Visionary of All Things New

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Discover the 4 qualities of those who are visionaries of all things new! Do you beleive that God is always at work? Do you believe for the best when others believe the worst? You have what it takes to innovate and bring about positive change!

The Power & Process of Belief

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:What does it really mean to believe? Find the answer to this question, and tap into the great power that only those who truly believe can access!

Prodigal Sons

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:The parable of the prodigal son is a story that Jesus used to teach His listeners. This story speaks of two brothers, not just one son. What message is Jesus trying to reveal? What does God want to speak you today? Listen, and uncover the hidden lesson from the 'Prodigal Sons'.

Wisdom for the New Year

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Anytime we begin something new it is always wise to receive some good advice. Since no one, except God. knows what 2016 will hold, it's a great idea to look to God's Word for some awesome advice. Gain valuable wisdom and direction to make 2016 great!

Gifts That Keep On Giving

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:We often spend so much time preparing Christmas decorations, shopping and planning for parties, yet how much time do we spend actually preparing for God's work in our lives during the Christmas season? Allow this message to prepare you to unwrap God's many gifts to you that keep on giving all year long!

The Power of "What If"

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Have you ever wondered if there is more to life, more to creation and more to your purpose? Allow God to reveal how massive and multi-dimentional your value and purpose really is!

Vision, Precision & Provision

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Ever have a great idea to that could help shape the future? Jesus had an idea like this, and He did change the world forever. Discover how a vision must be implimented with precision, and how God will will bring provion to make it all possible. Go ahead and change your world!

A Life of Purpose

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:What is your greatest passion? What causes you to wake up every day? Finding our purpose in cruicial to becoming a complete person. Listen to this message and take an "inner health' test to discover your deeper purpose.

Motivation for Your Race

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Do you find yourself running in life's 'rat race' instead of running the course that God has destined for you? Learn about three motivations that will enable you to stay focused and seize every moment God has given to you!

The Invasion

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:What is your greatest need? Have you ever considered this question? Find out how your greatest need can be met through simple belief and simple submission to the will of God that you may live "The Empowered Life".

The 70

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Did you know that God hears your biggest complaint? Did you know that if you offer your complaint to God He can empower you to do something amazing? Discover how God desires to strengthen you through a unique approach. Prepare for greater things ahead!

Imparting Blessing

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Jesus gives us an excellent example of blessing as He meets the children in Matthew 19. Among many lessons we learn from Jesus in this passage we also discover how we can impart blessings to those we love!


Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Discover the power of authentic metamorphosis for your life. As we submit to God's process we are able to enter His will which is good, pleasing and perfect. You were not created to inch along like a caterpillar, your destiny is to soar like the butterfly!

Leveraging Change

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:No matter what we do we will experience change at one point or another. When is it the right time to embrace change, and when do we 'draw a line' and stand against change? Learn how you can leverage change to your advantage, and excel as you stand out in the crowd!

No Room

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Have you ever wondered about how God works in time and place? Have you ever wondered if God still hears your prayers and knows where you live? Christmas reminds us that even when it seems like we are all alone that God has a plan and He is with us!

Life to Dry Lands: Part 1

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Have you ever felt stuck? Ever face opposition? Discover how to prosper even in the midst of challenges and set backs! Dig up wells of blessing in your life!

Prepare: Expect the Unexpected

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Have you ever considered how it is easier to prepare than repair? Learn how to prepare for whatever life may throw at you. Discover your 'Game Plan' and go for the win!

Perseverance: Go for the Win

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:At times it can feel like the pressures of everyday life attack us from every direction. We must stick to our 'Game Plan' being confident that distractions are only attempting to deter the great blessings of God. Let us press on and go for the win!

Amazing Grace

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Have you ever wondered "what's so amazing about grace?" Jesus tells a parable, or an earthly story with a Heavenly meaning. By using a natural illustration Jesus unlocks a wonderful truth of God's love. Take some time to learn how this parable can change your life today!

Prayers of Expectancy

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:How we phrase our words communicates our level of expecation. This idea is also true for our prayers. Discover what characteristics are found in prayers of exoectancy and pray bold prayers believing God for greater things!

Words of Influence

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Can you remember the words of mom? It's amazing how people's words are remembered over decades of time. Words have great power to build up or tear down. Learn how you can use your words can determine the course of your life and bless others.


Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Following God is not always the path of least resisitance. However, we have remarkable promises and strength that God gives to those who follow after Him. Today, engage the journey God has set before you and walk in the miraculous!

Miraculous Freedom

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:If we're honest with ourselves, we'd all like to be more free in one area or another. Some of us are praying for the freedom of another person. No matter how big or small our battles maybe, there is only One who brings us true freedom. Be free as God as created you to be!

Miraculous Provision

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:For the most part we all have the essentails of life, but there are times when we have genuine needs. Listen and be encouraged as we trace the Prophet Elijah's footsteps and witness the miraculous provision of God in our day!

The Power of Commitment

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Commitment for many is a scary word, yet we all desire others to be committed to us. Don't we all want people who will be by our side in the good and the bad or during the highs and lows of life? Unlock the power of this dynamic force that will greatly transform your life.


Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Some think God or church is all about judgment and boring. Did you know that following Christ is actually full of joy & excitement? Disagree? Take a few minutes and discover an enduring joy for all circumstances.

Guided by Grace

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Setting a goal is good, but having a clear vision of how to fulfill a goal is great! Learn what it means to be guided by God's wonderful grace to be able to live in the freedom of forgiveness and the greatness that God has destined for you!

New Wine

Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:Have you ever heard of the new wine? Are you ready for God to do a greater work in your life? Check out the 'New Wine Skin Principal' and how it can change your life in 2014!


Pastor Jonathan Papa


Description:We all hope for something in the New Year, but how do we prepare spiritually, emotionally and even physically? Are you ready for the greater things God will do in 2014? Take a listen and discover how to be ready for great growth from the inside out.